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Okay, I’m sure some of you are wondering what the obsession with unicorns is all about.  Beside the fact that I think they’re cool, I have had countless hiring managers tell me that the role they need to fill is going to be difficult because they are looking for a “unicorn” – a candidate that checks every single box off a list of niche (and often varied) skills. 


Do they exist?  Yes.  Are they difficult to attract?  They don’t have to be.  


The unique nature of these unicorn candidates make them highly desirable to most every company, which means your process has to do something to set your opportunity apart from the rest.  One of the pitfalls of recruitment is when a company forgets that a candidate is also interviewing the organization.  I have had candidates withdraw their candidacy for a host of reasons – disengagement from an interviewer, misalignment between the interview process and company values, and lack of follow-up from recruitment, just to name a few.  So, what are you doing to attract unicorns?  What is differentiating your company and your opportunity from the competition?  I can help you figure all of this out!

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