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About Me

A Little Bit (about) Alex...

Alex Cheney

Founder and Principal

Dog Dad x3.  Peloton Enthusiast.  Golden Girls Aficionado.  Musical Theatre Nerd.


As the stories go, I was singing before I could talk, so it’s no surprise that my dream had always been to be on stage.  I was fortunate enough to have a successful career in the world of Entertainment, part of which took me around the world on cruise ships.  That experience not only appealed to my inner “geography nerd”, but also afforded me the opportunity to learn about and engage with a wide array of global cultures.  Fast forward a few years, and I applied to a job posting in Las Vegas for a Talent Acquisition Coordinator, which (I assumed) fit in perfectly with my continuing aspirations in Entertainment.  To my surprise, that was a fancy new way to refer to Recruiting, and BOOM! – a career pivot happened.


I took that role assuming it would tide me over until my “big break” in Entertainment came, yet here I am twelve years later still in Recruiting and not regretting a single moment.  My passions are creating amazing candidate experiences, creating processes that are scalable for growing businesses, and finding candidates for niche roles – all through the lens of inclusion.  I have successfully built and scaled Product, Research, and Engineering teams while revamping processes to mitigate bias.  I helped create DEI strategy and launched an organization’s first ERG (employee resource group) as a way to build an inclusive culture.  Even through all of this, my proudest moments have been when candidates and hiring partners tell me that I am the best recruiter with whom they have ever worked.  I don’t take that type of praise lightly, and it’s been one of the main catalysts in my desire to get this company off the ground.  My hope is that, through my work with leaders and Recruiting teams, every company can become a little bit Alex.

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